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Made by Scoot, took me AGES, animating one frame at a time, DUH!                                                                           Yea, well I know that now.  Someone could have said there was an easier way

BEST VIEWED @ 1024 X 768

                  EXAMPLESPictures of various works All decals are made specifically at our request original designs no problemDECALS
A little about the businessSTEVES
PAST WORKA little about the history and processes of certain works
RIGHT NOWWhat is and what yet may be Presented for your viewing pleasureWALLPAPER

 It's your bike, tell us what you want

You want your bike looking special..different, it's personal.

         It's not like cars, it's more than just a form of transport

          We know that, we understand that, which is why we put so much attention to detail and quality finishing into our work. You want a new look for your bike?  From single panel repairs and big bust ups to full re-sprays and race-rep schemes we can repair, if required, and re-spray your panels to leave them looking better than new.  Old, scratched or bashed panels, we also have panels from wall to wall, so if part is missing, or it's totally gone, come and see us, come and ask Steve, the resident surgeon, his wonders to perform.  Bring it on we love it, and after we're done so will you.  

Also, take a peek at what's going on 'RIGHT NOW' for an idea of the service we can offer

So the question really is: "What do YOU want?"  .

         We love doing this, and you love your bike, so bring it to us, we'll treat it gently, fix it up and return it to you even more beautiful

Based near Gatwick, on the outskirts of Crawley, West Sussex.


Due to recent overwhelming demand we are unable to undertake any new work on until furthe
Our present backlog means this situation will remain until June 2005.