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OK here we are, customer again brings us a piccy of a design seen and which they like;


Ab ZX6R Blade Scheme wanted.jpg


As is usual a basic copy was done to place the scheme onto the customers bike, ZX6R.


Ab ZX6R Scoot Blade Scheme.jpg


This was just a first piccy to give a rough idea and see if the customer fancied any changes.

A different size bike, different area panels maybe looking a bit bare, so a touch more red here,

you get the idea.


While all this was being discussed however, the panels were being removed.

Because of it being just six months out of the shop, we were the first to strip the bike down

and revealed to the owner that the bike had a bit of a problem.

Ab ZX6R Scoot Blade crack.jpg

A crack in the frame, not deadly, but a bit more important than the bikes outfit. She said the handling didn't feel right.


Ab ZX6R Frame crack.jpg


Whatever happens now is between the lady who purchased it and the shop it was purchased from,

but as we were leaving after we dropping the bike off she said thanks for discovering the problem and that

she would be back for the paint work when she had a bike to put it on.


Ahhh, and the good deed of the week badge a_bear_brown.gif goes to........