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Ah, ermm.  OK, how to put this?  I know, see if you can guess what's happened :

Looks like... Yes, it's been dropped.  Less than two months after Steve had finished and left me riding about with a smile so big
I could barely fit my crash helmet over... It all went a bit wrong.

It was a stormy dark night and... No, I can't keep this up.  It was a sunny weekend, dry, about two in the afternoon, clear skies
and the left hand side is now completely, well not pretty.  All this was achieved at the grand speed of.... *sigh*.
 Here at Steves Spray Shop we see many, many bikes come in for crash damage repairs.  
Damage that has occurred at all speeds, and yet - (indulge me if you will) -   

'Never, in the field of human motorcycling, has so much (damage)
been done by so few, (no-one else involved) 
at such speeds (25 - 30Mph).'  

The bike has gone down on the left hand side exiting a roundabout, the footpeg has caught real hard on something, snapped off
and sent the bike pirouetting, nearly totally upside down only to come smashing back onto the left hand side.  
Seriously, 25 - 30Mph, there was a police car two places behind.  
There aren't any pics of the damage as yet, but there will be, soon.  We will be using it as an excellent example of what can be
achieved reguarding extreme repairs and matching up, as the right hand side is immaculate.

PS: This crash and all the damage really did occur at 25 - 30Mph and I wasn't pretending to be James Toseland or anything.
A few broken ribs was all I suffered, but if it wasn't for proper M/C boots....
Steel toe-caps would have protected my toes, but that wouldn't have been much use if my foot was no longer connected to my ankle.
My boots are now totally shot, still ... 120 - Foot...  120 - Foot... yea, seems like a good deal





(sob, sob, sob.. Steve, mate...)