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OK, here's my baby in its smart new kit

SP2 CBR Left 6.jpg        SP2 CBR Front Left 3.jpg        SP2 CBR Front 1.jpg        SP2 CBR Front Right 3.jpg        SP2 CBR Right 4.jpg

SP2 CBR Left 1.jpg        SP2 CBR Rear Left 1.jpg        SP2 CBR Rear Symmetry 1.jpg        SP2 CBR Rear Right 1.jpg        SP2 CBR Right 6.jpg 


CBR600 TWO years after total offside repair and respray...

and few months before needing further surgery.  Read story here

2yr CBR6 1.JPG        2yr CBR6 2.jpg        2yr CBR6 3.JPG        2yr CBR6 4.JPG        2yr CBR6 5.JPG

 Happy with the last two jobs (including the above), the owner returns asking for a completely new look.  

And that's exactly what it gets.  

Repsol CBR 600 Nearside Low.jpg        Repsol CBR 600 Nearside Front.jpg        Repsol CBR 600 Front.jpg        Repsol CBR 600 Offside Front.jpg        Repsol CBR 600 Offside 1.jpg

Repsol CBR 600 Nearside.jpg        Repsol CBR 600 Offside Rear 1.jpg        Repsol CBR 600 Rear.jpg        Repsol CBR 600 Tank.jpg        Repsol CBR 600 Offside Rear 2.jpg

 And don't forget to compare the two Repsol schemes, totally different styles requested and achieved, reinforcing our statement

'It's your bike, tell us what you want.'



Here is a Std. GSXR scheme but in metallics, (just as the VFR below).



GSXR to Std Met Finished Nearside 1.jpg        GSXR to Std Met Finished Nearside Front 2.jpg        GSXR to Std Met Finished Rear Tank.jpg        GSXR to Std Met Finished Offside Front 1.jpg        GSXR to Std Met Finished Offside 7.jpg

GSXR to Std Met Finished Offside 1.jpg        GSXR to Std Met Finished Rear Nearside.jpg        GSXR to Std Met Finished Front.jpg        GSXR to Std Met Finished Rear Offside.jpg        GSXR to Std Met Finished Offside 4.jpg 



Here's a whole bike we sprayed where the owner wanted the standard VFR Red, White and Blue pattern but in more vibrant metallics.  I haven't actually managed to get a side on piccy as yet which is a shame because it's real pretty.  The colours used are the same as those used on the Triumph Union Jack seat hump, (pictured further down), which give you a better impression of how vivid they are. In the meantime, here is the happy owner screaming around Donnington Park.

Owen 1.jpg        Owen 2.jpg        Owen 4.jpg        Owen 3.jpg        Owen 5.jpg



 The last person I saw jumping up and down in excitement was my daughter....... 

.......until he came to pick this up.

Repsol done 1.jpg        Repsol done 2.jpg        Repsol done 3.jpg        Repsol done 4.jpg        Repsol done 5.jpg

Repsol done 6.jpg        Repsol done 7.jpg        Repsol done 8.jpg        Repsol done 9.jpg        Repsol done 10.jpg 



Triumph Union Jack seat hump. Done through post from Avon

UJ1.JPG        UJ2.JPG        UJ3.jpg        UJ4.JPG

UJ5.JPG        UJ6.JPG        UJ7.JPG        UJ8.JPG



 West Honda CBR600, sooo pretty.  

After returning the work the bike was put up for sale and lasted about four days on display before someone else fell in love.

West 1.jpg        West 2.jpg        West 3.jpg        West 4.jpg

West 5.jpg        West 6.jpg        West 7.jpg        West 8.jpg        West 9.jpg



Top cowl, right hand side panel re-sprayed after drop.  Exhaust polished from matt black and gouges removed.

k 1.jpg        k 2.jpg        k 3.jpg

k 4.jpg        k 5.jpg        k 6.jpg        k 7.jpg



Thundercat, side panels, mudguard, and swingarm.Thundercat, side panels, mudguard, and swingarm.

Luvverly, what else is there to say.

T cat 1.jpg        T cat 2.jpg        T cat 3.jpg        T cat 4.jpg



Tank, panels, wheels, everything got either sprayed or tidied up.... a lot.  The ZX9R, heavily dropped, got a top cowl, offside front side panel and belly pan all welded, filled and re-sprayed..

Various 2 CB900 saved.jpg        Various ZX9R Guy.jpg        Various 3 Yellow T 1.jpg        Various 4 Gamma 1.jpg