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I apologise for the picture quality, poor quality digital camera and jpeg format,

but bad pixelation, grainy picture, whatever it doesen't matter, you can still see the quality in the finish.


VFR Repsol stage 1 Lower 1.jpg        VFR Repsol stage 1 Lower 2.jpg        VFR Repsol stage 1 Tank in Progress.jpg        VFR Repsol stage 1 Side panels and top cowl.jpg        VFR Repsol stage 1 Top Cowl.jpg

VFR Repsol  Repsol side 3.jpg        VFR Repsol  Repsol Side 1.jpg        VFR Repsol stage 2 single panel.jpg        VFR Repsol  Nose 3.jpg        VFR Repsol  Nose 4.jpg

VFR Repsol  Repsol side 4.jpg        VFR Repsol  Repsol side.jpg        VFR Repsol stage 2 panels side by side.jpg        VFR Repsol  Nose 2.jpg        VFR Repsol Nose 1.jpg

VFR Repsol  Side and Wheel.jpg        VFR Repsol  Side View 6.jpg        VFR Repsol  Side View 9.jpg        VFR Repsol  Nose 5.jpg        VFR Repsol  Nose 6.jpg

VFR Repsol  Side View 4.jpg        VFR Repsol  Side View 8.jpg

To view HIGH QUALITY piccies of the finished bike see Examples