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Here, the bike we were working on came in with two top cowls both smashed in different places.  After cutting, welding, filling, re-shaping, one perfect one is being sprayed now, and have we a happy bunny of a customer on our hands!!  Think so, but wait......not only is he happy because we put his baby back together, without any signs of scarring or bruising, what about the new look he wants for this repaired machine?


      Right, you've probably seen the scale Tamiya models and the like, Mick Doohan's NSR 500, Kevin Schwantz's.....etc; Yes?  well so has this owner, he likes the Repsol scheme, and what's more, he thinks his VFR will like it too.  So here's, (to demonstrate a point, rather than requirements for this particular job), what can be done.

      We're given a beaten up old cardboard lid off one of the aforementioned models with a picture of the design he wants, about 10cm x 8cm.     

            His bike, VFR 400;


Not quite the same shape, as you can see, and although he was sure he wanted it, he was concerned that the design would have to be squashed up and altered too much to make it fit, losing some of its looks in the process.  So, as can be done on request, the design was re-modeled and ported over to his bike on computer so he could get an idea of what it could look like, and if he liked it.  He did, but wanted a few things changed and wondered if we could try a couple of his own ideas....

............which we done, after all these things are personal.

 VFR Repsol Chrome Large Pic.jpg


 Now he really liked it.  The 'fingers' were removed from the red part of the sun, the whole sun itself was made more circular, chrome decals were chosen and a lighter metallic blue was chosen, (not shown here).

     An additional point here is the bikes owner has no other form of transport, so initially we only took the front part of the bike, working on that.  As the design has already been planned out on computer, we know exactly where everything is going and allowing him use of the bike until we need the tank and wheels, minimising any inconvenience.

For pictures takes throughout the process click here

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