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        Below are also piccies of the CBR in a red and black standard scheme is of a past repair job of ours, originally put up on the site to show how the jobs last, this  is two years after a complete offside repair and re-spray.

  Two years after the last repair, a few months before needing further surgery.

2yr CBR6 1.JPG        2yr CBR6 2.jpg        2yr CBR6 3.JPG        2yr CBR6 4.JPG        2yr CBR6 5.JPG 

        So here's the story with this one, a couple of years ago it had been thrown down the road and before we repaired it, bearing in mind that the whole of one side needed doing and we know the owner, we asked if he was interested in a complete re-spray.  He replied thanks but he  just wanted a repair and standard scheme.  No problem, as you can see, it came out fine, perfect colour match, design, everything.  His bike looked just as it had before, which is what he asked for and what he was happy with....until.

        Very soon after we finished here we finished the Repsol VFR 400.  When he saw what we had done there he seemed a bit...subdued, all was revealed in the ensuing conversation, "I didn't realise you meant something like THAT!"  I must say on our behalf we did offer a race-rep, whatever he wanted, but he opted for a repair of the original scheme.  Anyway here we are two years later, maybe a little more, and unfortunately on the way home one night the rear end decided to make a break for freedom, forgetting that its attached to the rest of the bike.  It might be mentioned here that in the repair seen above, amongst other pieces, the 'ears' of the top cowl (you know what part I mean), were welded back on and upon receiving it after its latest venture we noticed the cowl had broken again, and not that far away from the weld obviously stressing it during the crash yet the cowl had cracked clean through and the repair had held strong.  Well, a bit anoraky perhaps, but we pleasantly impressed.

        But, every cloud as they say, has a silver lining.  'The time has come', the rider said 'to speak of other things.  Not of repairs, of standard jobs, but Repsol Honda schemes.'.  

        Ahem; excuse me, so anyway this time he asked about a full Repsol re-spray.   Just as with the VFR though where the colours weren't standard, Carribian Blue I think it was called,  just to add a little something special, here as well the design was played with the make it fit better, (Rossis' RCV is a little different to this CBR600) and the colours, well on motorcycles safety is always a factor worth taking into consideration!

 As it stands now.

Repsol CBR 600 Nearside Low.jpg        Repsol CBR 600 Nearside Front.jpg        Repsol CBR 600 Front.jpg        Repsol CBR 600 Offside Front.jpg        Repsol CBR 600 Offside 1.jpg

Repsol CBR 600 Nearside.jpg        Repsol CBR 600 Offside Rear 1.jpg        Repsol CBR 600 Rear.jpg        Repsol CBR 600 Tank.jpg        Repsol CBR 600 Offside Rear 2.jpg

      I think, high quality that the camera is, the Orange was just too much for it.

And if anyone dare say, 'Sorry mate, I just didn't see you'....