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OK, one thing I'd like to mention here.  As you can see below, and elsewhere on the site, one of the services we offer upon request and free of charge, is to port over any desired scheme onto your model of bike to give you an idea of what the scheme would look like.  Now this isn't perfect, the bikes always look better in real life but it does give a good idea.  The 4 in 1 CBR schemes (below, center pic), all look good and do give an impression of what the various schemes would/could look like.  The Castrol Honda is the Repsol Honda 'coloured in' with the new design, this is what we can do, allowing us to discuss, with you, the design and the positioning of certain features to suit your bike better.  

If required you can E-Mail us with your model and the desired scheme or even your own personal design idea, for example the SP2 based CBR scheme (below) had to be altered due to the bikes completely different shape, less angular, vents in different places etc., and a completely new rear end invented.  Below are two alternatives.  Also while thinking of a Red Bull scheme there were concerns over the positioning of the side fairing vents eating up too much of the Red Bull and Sun, so we 'painted' the scheme on.  Result, no problem.


Scoot CBR400 SP2 New Rear.jpg        Scoot CBR400 SP2.jpg        Scoot CBR Schemes.jpg        Castrol CBR 600 Squared.jpg        Repsol CBR 600 Offside 1.jpg 

Again, this is a service we offer free of charge and without any obligation, an excellent example of how we work with you to get exactly what you want.  We work hard here, we want to see you jumping up and down with excitement when you come to pick it up.


GSXR600 Standard scheme but in metallic's, (Piccies up in Past Work, job similar to VFR on Examples page).


Another Repsol is up, and take a look at the differences between the two, different Repsols ( CBR 600 and VFR 400).  Similar designs, completely different looks asked for and achieved, it just goes to show - tell us what you want.


 Steve's own pet project TZR125 is having the works done, engine rebuild, forks,  everything and full re spray including frame, scheme not decided yet. If you want to buy if off us and decide the scheme yourself contact us.

Piccies here

Ahh, sorry, it's now gone.  Bye, bye baby.



Here we go, this is my baby and it's going to be a lot of work.  It needs a fair bit of mechanical work which we'll do first while also getting the HUGE, (for a 400cc) frame all nice and pretty.  Even the forks are being sprayed, everything is gonna be all new looking and shiny. Mucho, mucho plastic wealding is required, including, imagine the scenario:

1) Close front door.    2) Ignore icy surface.    3) Walk up to bike.

4) Slip, landing on backside and putting boot through bellypan.

5) Look around sheepishly.

Anyway the entire process will be recorded, enabling you too see just how things are done here and how much care we take.

As for the scheme, I have decided (finally - Steve).  I was thinking of Red Bull or Castrol Honda, then I got all retro and nostalgic with the Silver and Orange Urban Tiger Style.  In the end I've decided on of a Honda SP-2 style, satin black belly, Ross white, silver Honda wings up the side.  What made my mind up is the 'virtual makeover' pictured above, with the SP2 Livery.

Having tried many attempts at slimming down the rear end, think I've found the one, makes the rear look more compact, sporty and modern.  It might be a while, (fitted in between customers work), but piccies will be up.

CBR 400 SP-2 Here, err.. is now a continuing saga.  Whoops, "Steve, mate..."