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   The idea to try and port over the SP-2 design was mine.  It is me who will, if required play about with any scheme of your desire and port it over onto your model of bike, (see Right Now for examples) so you can get an idea if it will suit it.  Some schemes have to be moved about so much to make them fit certain bikes that it just doesn't really work.  Anyhow, I tried porting several different paint schemes on my CBR as well as the Repsol and Red Bull displayed elsewhere but I was having real trouble making a final choice.  Red Bull... yea... mabey.  Repsol... I mean I love the scheme, and the VFR Repsol always, always returns as my desktop wallpaper, but... dunno.  Castrol Honda, many many moons ago I fell absolutely pant-wettingly in love with a Castrol clad VFR 400... again though.  Steve, I think, wanted to do something real imposing, a real 'slap you in the face' job if I remember correctly, (obviously not content with the visual kicking received every time the Repsol CBR 600 is glanced at), and so quite obviously had to be restrained.  


SP2 CBR Old Offside 2.jpg        SP2 CBR Old Nearside 2.jpg

So the idea here is that Steve and I were going to fit in my pride and joy 400 BabyBlade for a full respray over the Christmas 'holiday' period.  I had finally decided on an SP-2 scheme tweaked to fit my CBR, no worries, well that was the plan.  Ermm... how should I put this? 400's are generally shall we say, well used, have had a life with someone else before thay meet you.  Which is fair enough, 400 imports though can have quite a history.  It has even been said that A Company* would buy in 30 or so damaged bikes and make 20 or so saleable bikes out of them.  Harvesting the worst for spares and thus combining the astuteness of modern day capitalism with the Gothic horror of classic literature.  So, imagine if you will Frankenstein walking down the street - in a fairly worn out suit.  Sure he looks a little rough 'round the edges... but now imagine him naked.  Yea, see.  So my baby was stripped down to bare plastic and we found... you get the idea, it wasn't pleasant.  

SP2 CBR Left 1.jpg        SP2 CBR Rear Left 1.jpg        SP2 CBR Rear Symmetry 1.jpg        SP2 CBR Rear Right 1.jpg        SP2 CBR Right 6.jpg

SP2 CBR Left 4.jpg        SP2 CBR Front Left 3.jpg        SP2 CBR Front 1.jpg        SP2 CBR Front Right 3.jpg        SP2 CBR Right 4.jpg

 * A Company is not a registered trademark and does not refer to company in particular nor any military unit or even ex military team which 'if you can find them, mabey you can hire' so I do not expect any visits from small men in suits with briefcases or large men in balaclavas with blunt instruments please.  Thank you -Scoot

SP2 CBR Left 3.jpg        SP2 CBR Front Left 2.jpg        SP2 CBR Tank Symmetry 2.jpg        SP2 CBR Front Right 4.jpg        SP2 CBR Front Right Wing 1.jpg

SP2 CBR Left 7.jpg        SP2 CBR Front Left 1.jpg        SP2 CBR Rear Symmetry 2.jpg        SP2 CBR Front Right 1.jpg        SP2 CBR Front Right 2.jpg 

        Now as you may know mentioned elsewhere on the site is the fact that Steve can weld plastic, I know, I've seen him do it countless times over the years and have great faith in his ability to bring back panels from the dead.  But these panels? the delicacy of the fake airducts, numerous cracks around every shoulder and lug? missing lugs?  Surely it would be a crime against the motorcycle industry and nature to revive such things.  What can I say, a big thanks to Steve here for the all work and perhaps more importantly the time consuming care with which he painstakingly transformed every single piece back into its former shape and glory.  Not ONE piece did I have to replace and I'm pretty sure every panel now had to be treated.  I know other places would have laughed and politely declined had I even asked for a full repair and spray job.  But here, even the poor quality old welds from a previous life were inspected and had Steve do his 'thang' to them.  The result, beautiful.

SP2 CBR Left 5.jpg        SP2 CBR Right 2.jpg        SP2 CBR Front 2.jpg        SP2 CBR Rear Right 2.jpg        SP2 CBR Rear Right Wing and Hugger1.jpg

SP2 CBR Left 4.jpg        SP2 CBR Rear Left 2.jpg        SP2 CBR Tank Symmetry 1.jpg        SP2 CBR Rear Right 4.jpg        SP2 CBR Right 5.jpg

        Question : How many pieces are there that you can spray on a CBR 400RRL?

        Answer : Well if you want everything possible sprayed to look new and shiny then 23 separate parts

        This really was a huge job and I could continue for pages with what had to be done, EVERY part was totally stripped down to bare plastic/metal before any unbelievable welding, filling, the most careful re-shaping, spraying, masking... you get the idea.


SP2 CBR Left 2.jpg        SP2 CBR Rear Right Wing 2.jpg        SP2 CBR Rear Right Wing 1.jpg        SP2 CBR Rear Right 3.jpg        SP2 CBR Right 1.jpg

SP2 CBR Right 3.jpg        SP2 CBR Front Right Wing 2.jpg

        Cast:    Steve


             1) Forks -  Sprayed & Laquered.

             2) Wheels -  Sprayed.

             3)  Tank -  Filled / Sprayed & Laquered.

             4)  Head Brace -  Sprayed & Laquered.

             5)  Mirrors -  Welded / Filled / Sprayed & Laquered.

             6)  Brakes -  Pistons cleaned / Pads replaced / Hoses replaced.

             7)  Air Ducts - Welded (ha, any original plastic left?) / Filled / Sprayed & Laquered.

             8)  Top Cowl - Sprayed & Laquered.

             9)  Middle Fairing Panels - Welded / Filled / Sprayed (oh, those beautiful wings) & Laquered.

            10)  Fairing Lowers - Welded (it lives, IT LIVES!) / Filled / Sprayed & Laquered.

            11)  Chain and Sprockets - Alright, alright, so a split link is fine.

            12)  Heel Guards - Sanded back to white!

            13)  Rear Side Panels - Welded / Filled / Sprayed & Laquered.

            14)  Solo Seat Converter - RE-SHAPED ("supplied ready for fitting" HA!) / Sprayed & Laquered.

            15)  Rear (Seatlock) Panel - Welded / Sprayed & Laquered.

            16)  Real (Lights) Panel - Welded / Sprayed & Laquered.

            17)  Exhaust - Polished

            18)  Hugger - Sprayed & Laquered ("...all that work and you can't even *&%$@y see it")

            19)  Headlight Cowl - Sprayed & Laquered

            20)  Fairing Lower Inner 'V' - Welded / Filled / Sprayed & Laquered


                 Yep... think that's about everything covered.  Just squeeze it in over Christmas could ya? That would be blinding.


Thanks Steve for every minute you worked over this 'holiday' period.

Oh dear...ermm...