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           Interested in bikes since well before leaving school, it was no real surprise that when he left, this was the line of work he went for, spending over 15 years as a motorcycle mechanic.  The first bike was sprayed for a friend, it came out rather well.  Someone else asked, so he sprayed another, the more interested in the process he got, the higher the quality work he produced he had a knack for this.  It was noticed around which, in turn, led to someone else asking.......  

           This became so successful as to lead to a new line of work, and his own business.  

          The pieces turned out here have left every customer with a BIG grin, "...outstanding" is not infrequently used.  Gun finishes, (DeVillbiss), of such high quality that polishing becomes a formality.  Although this formality, if a whole bike is sprayed, can take up the entire last day that we have the bike, achieving the lake finishes that you can view in the pictures.  One recent request involved researching how the metallic finish was reached on a 1970's Z550, then adapting the process to result in a shade identical to the model as it now stood after aging.  Now motorcycle paint is different to cars, a more complex process with more than the one block layers that are on cars especially metallics and pearls, this particular one involved...well if you're interested I'll let him tell you.

He finds the job fascinating, perhaps obsessively so, needless to say the finish matched perfectly the colour to which the original had now faded..

The quality of our work is obviously of utmost importance, and, as bikes are more than just a form of transport, so this is more than just a job, adding the perfect finishing touches all decals are made directly at our request enhanced/replica/one-off private designs are no problem.