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Here's  a real nice scheme, main fade, crescent wisps, oh pretty pretty.

OK here we are, excellent story about how the bike got damaged, but anyway.  A CBR 600 in Honda West livery, the owner brought us the damaged top cowl and side panel to copy onto replacement parts he had picked up at the breakers.  Here we were not asked to repair the old panels and came straight along with replacement ones, but come check with us first you'd be amazed at what Steve can revive. And it became apparent, once taken back to plastic, that the breakers top cowl needed welding anyway.  

So, only two weeks later his bike is complete again.

West 1.jpg        West 2.jpg        West 3.jpg        West 4.jpg


West 5.jpg        West 6.jpg        West 7.jpg        West 8.jpg        West 9.jpg